Joyce Logan, Ph.D.
Metaphysical Philosophy
Certified Hypnotherapist                                      Enjoy The Ride Of Your Life!
Life Coach & Mentoring

Relax & Enjoy Your Life!


Joyce Logan's soon to be released book, STARVING YOUR FEARS, will help you enjoy your life more and stop fear in its tracks and put you back in control!

So, how does one do that?  That’s exactly what I’ll tell everyone! As a former anxiety ridden person, I am living proof that by choking off the lifeline of fearful, negative thoughts and words will not only bring immediate relief, but lifelong peace. I write about it on a level few can – because I lived it!  For the reader, I am your “Guinea Pig” who has been through it all, and I’m able to provide you with a map to a quicker recovery.  I simply explain how to literally “starve” your fears away with words of wisdom, inspiring stories and common sense tactics!

I personally met with Joyce and she changed my life!  I had become so panic stricken that I could not even get into the elevator to get to my job!  My world was falling apart due to panic attacks, and had tried everything!  Working with Joyce and following her simple techniques allowed me to not only return to work but to enjoy my job - my life!  I am forever grateful to her and know that her book will help you too!



For years, I had these random anxiety attacks - it was embarrassing and horrible! I tried to hide my fears from my family -as I thought I was going crazy!  Staying home, not going on family trips, or participating much in life was becoming "normal" for me.  I am now fully present and over it!  "Starving My Fears" was the best thing I ever did.  Thank you Joyce for helping me through and into a really good place in my life.


Life is short - Enjoy it NOW!